Long Vacation Should Be Over

I don't know how long this 'thing' i face this past year will stop, but i think this is the right time to start over.I think you can start over even if you're old, you still can do it.

So, if my heart still say no, i will force it to say yes. This vacation is too long, and it become boring, so i want it to stop.
This long vacation should be over.
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Otanjoubi Omedetou
, Riida! Alot of things happen this year, i wish for happiness always surrounds you, and keep being cute even at 35! ♥♥♥
I've been sick for 3 days (i have this weakness of easily get a cold and it will last at least one week =_=) so i couldn't make it to make something *again
So..this is my last year's drawing of Oh-chan~~

                                                *It's kinda failed and weird, but...i love drawing Tennen pair~they're a lot of fun to draw :D
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Otanjoubi Omedetou!

Otanjoubi Omedetou, my prince 👑!Already 30, eh? Please keep do your best in everything you do, and i will support you~hehe 💞 Semoga suatu saat kita bisa bertemu ya~muaaach 💑
Made this for you~~🌟

*btw this is the first time i write on mobile lj, lol 😅


Otanjoubi Omedetou, Sho-chan!

Ahhh...i'm late again...gomen Sho-chan!
But i make this today, i jave to sit for two hours you know, just to finish this pic (and it's still end up messy*sigh)

Once again..happy birthday, Sho-chan!


Even The Sun Could Cry

Title: Even The Sun Could Cry
Pairing: Aiba MasakixOC
Summary: Today is Arashi’s 15th Anniversary Concert, and Aiba is not like his usual self.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: This story is fiction, I wish I could go to Hawaii~
The sun shines as usual, leaving me alone in my dark life. I became like this since six months ago. I can't eat properly, i can't speak, and this shiny day hurt my eyes so much. But today i have to smile like usual in this bright and beautiful island . Even though my old life has disappeared, even though my world was crumbling down.
Even though the old me has lost forever.
She was only tell stories to me. She was only spoke to me, even though she was pretty, and most of boys at my school had a crush on her.
She was only laughed at my joke, or so i thought. She was only shared her smile to me.
But one thing that she never showed me all this time: she never cried in front of me. But that doesn't mean she never cried.
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Manga Review: Heroine Shikkaku

I know i shouldn't get absorbed into manga right now...but...ahhh..i promise this is the last time!>3<
I found a really good manga to read *giggling and dancing all around my room*
It's called Heroine Shikkaku~<3

I really like this type of manga, where the heroine is a bit air head and overly confidence (to the extent often to be called 'idiot'--well well, it reminds me of my Aibaby who's airhead, but no! He's not a baka~~he's a lovable sexy baka one)

Hatori hugging Rita~~:D
heroine shikkaku
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Ah...i'm so dead! Yesterday was Aiba's 18th years entering JE, and i couldn't make anything for him! He's been a part of Johhny's family for 18 years now <3
I can't remember when exactly i started to love Arashi and fall in love with my baby Aiba-chan, but it feels like i already knew them since a long time ago XD (i'm exagarrating things, but all i know my life is all about them now *pat myself)
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Sugar And Salt

Title: Sugar and Salt
Author: yamapi_0409
Pairing: Sakurai ShoxOC


His hand grip the steer until his fingers whiten. The car moves in a high speed as his foot hit the gas pedal roughly. The scenery outside is buildings and road covered in white, merry with Christmas decoration and people passing with shopping bags in hands. He gives no care, the atmosphere outside doesn’t reach him, as if he was in a different world and not belong to this place.

‘I will go to America. My parent has setting up a marriage for me. They probably want me to live there after the marriage.’

A short email that made his heart sank. Is this some kind of joke? But he could tell the seriousness from the words, she isn’t the type to fooling around with serious matter like this, despite her everyday humor which sometimes made him frown, but live up his days.

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It's Too Late, But Let Me Say It: Happy Birthday Nino!:)

I know it's too late to celebrate Nino's birthday, but...since today is his JE anniversary..i made this for him~
Yep, i make an excuse because i didn't make anything for him, gomen Nino, i was busy with my school and i couldn't finish my my fanfic for you T_T
I just can make those ugly painting for you, but let me say this: Happy Birthday my little brat! I wish you a happy year ahead! Treat my Aibaby well too this year, Neens!
Oh yeah, my arafes dvd has arrived minna! It's too late too, but since i live in different countries, it took so long to arrive here!
Here's my baby-the very first Arashi's dvd i ever bought!
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