yamapi_0409 (yamapi_0409) wrote,

It's Too Late, But Let Me Say It: Happy Birthday Nino!:)

I know it's too late to celebrate Nino's birthday, but...since today is his JE anniversary..i made this for him~
Yep, i make an excuse because i didn't make anything for him, gomen Nino, i was busy with my school and i couldn't finish my my fanfic for you T_T
I just can make those ugly painting for you, but let me say this: Happy Birthday my little brat! I wish you a happy year ahead! Treat my Aibaby well too this year, Neens!
Oh yeah, my arafes dvd has arrived minna! It's too late too, but since i live in different countries, it took so long to arrive here!
Here's my baby-the very first Arashi's dvd i ever bought!
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