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Manga Review: Heroine Shikkaku

I know i shouldn't get absorbed into manga right now...but...ahhh..i promise this is the last time!>3<
I found a really good manga to read *giggling and dancing all around my room*
It's called Heroine Shikkaku~<3

I really like this type of manga, where the heroine is a bit air head and overly confidence (to the extent often to be called 'idiot'--well well, it reminds me of my Aibaby who's airhead, but no! He's not a baka~~he's a lovable sexy baka one)

Hatori hugging Rita~~:D
heroine shikkaku

This how Hatori's looks like when she cries, epic, isn't it?XD
And i wonder why i always read manga with this hero character: acting all cool, popular in his own way, and always act hot and cold. Honestly i really hate guy like that (who's hot and cold), because...why..it's so lame, why should the heroine fall for a worthless guy like that?!
Hmm, but deep down inside i know why she likes him so much...you know..typical story when you find his weakness and find it attractive or in the other words: you want to pat him and help him from loneliness~~yeah..that cool guy is lone wolf at heart. But in this manga, Rita (the hero of this manga) is not even the cheerful type, yet he never takes love serious, he always changing partner and always accept whoever confesses to him *what a cheap guy actually* please ignore my rambling* But Hatori (heroine's name) being Hatori, always believe that she'll be the one who will be the heroine for Rita *you know, really i laughed so much when i first read his name, in my country, Rita is a girlie name XD* but it's not until Adachi (a plain girl who's accidentally involve with Rita) appear and go out with him.
You will love this manga if you enjoy reading Ao Haru Ride or Kimi ni Todoke and the art is good too, you'll get excited and curse Rita over and over though . Some people said that this manga resemble with Kimi ni Todoke, but i must say this is totally different (i wonder what's the same? Rita's character? No way, he's far from kind like Kazehaya). And it's been a long time since i cried this much over a manga you know, i don't know maybe because i put myself on Hatori's shoes, or simply because i'm too much hopeless romantic...but it's really sad to have an unrecruited love like Hatori, if it were me, i already give up from the start T_T
And..if only somewhere in this world, there's a person like Hiromitsu-kun..oh..i definitely will fall for him! Iwanna pat him cause he's so kind and gentle :3

Well, that's my review of this manga for you!:D
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