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Even The Sun Could Cry

Title: Even The Sun Could Cry
Pairing: Aiba MasakixOC
Summary: Today is Arashi’s 15th Anniversary Concert, and Aiba is not like his usual self.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: This story is fiction, I wish I could go to Hawaii~
The sun shines as usual, leaving me alone in my dark life. I became like this since six months ago. I can't eat properly, i can't speak, and this shiny day hurt my eyes so much. But today i have to smile like usual in this bright and beautiful island . Even though my old life has disappeared, even though my world was crumbling down.
Even though the old me has lost forever.
She was only tell stories to me. She was only spoke to me, even though she was pretty, and most of boys at my school had a crush on her.
She was only laughed at my joke, or so i thought. She was only shared her smile to me.
But one thing that she never showed me all this time: she never cried in front of me. But that doesn't mean she never cried.

She liked to hold my hands, but she never hold my hands in public. I always cursed my job for that reason, but i couldn't do anything about that, i love my job as much as i love her. Sometimes i wonder, did she ever felt happy when she's with me? Did she always cries when i'm away and can't meet her?
People say that my smile is like a sunshine, but they don't know what makes me smile like that. Her smile is my sunshine. When she smiles, it's like a magic. I don't know why but my lips always curved by itself, and i smile. She was my battery charger, my source of energy. She's my everything.
But now that she's gone...i don't have someone to return to. I can't charge my battery. I can't say goodnight, wake up in the morning and looking forward to the day happily.
I'm no longer me. I lost my sunshine, and my world suddenly becoming dark and empty.
I wish this is just a nightmare and someday i will wake up and find her by my side. And she will say,"Good morning Ma-kun! Hurry up, you'll get late if you don't wake up now!"
And i will pull her into my arms, hugging her, tickling her, and laugh with her. Just like we were before.
But if this is a dream, i have waited too long.
I close my eyes, again, today the sun shines too bright. I stand at the backstage. Someone tapped me on my shoulder. It's Sho-chan.
"You're okay, Aiba-chan?" His eyes full of concern. Nino, Jun and Leader take a glance at me. It's been like this since 6 months ago.
I force a smile. "What are you talking about? This is our 15th anniversary concert. How could i be okay? I'm so nervous and super excited!"
The room fell silent. And then Nino smiles. "So...you're ready to become our sunshine and our baka-yet cute and always happy Aiba-chan again?"

"Isn't i always like that to you, guys?", i laugh and they laugh with me. Nino hugs me. The other four also join in. Now, we're hugging in a circle. Then Nino whispering something to me, "Sometimes it's fine to cry, Aiba-chan. The sun is not always shines all day, right?"
Suddenly, my chest is full of thousands feeling. Anger, sadness, frustation, all feelings that i try to hide all this time suddenly appear, and tears running down my face. They hug me tighter.
We hug like that for 5 minutes. I break their hug. I wipe my tears, and saying thank you for them. Maybe i made them worried all this time by pretending that nothing happened, pretending that i'm not hurt. Maybe it's time to move on.

Leader takes his lead, and we form a circle. We put our hands together and yelling at the same time, cheering ourself to become stronger.
I walk out to the stage. Looking up to the sky and find the sun shines beautiful today.
Hey, are you happy there? Sorry if i make you worry this six months. I will live and laugh as you wish. I'll become the usual me that you love the most. I'll become everyone's sunshine, like you always told me even though you're not here with me now. Because i find my battery charger when you can't be one anymore. This four warm hands that keeps me sane. For me, they are my sunshine, my source of energy besides you. And all this cheer that shouting for our name, will be a part of my happiness too.
With this feeling in my heart, I can smile and shout happily, "How are you Hawaii? Let's get party today!"


n.b: This is sort of short-one shot. I don't know, i wrote this fanfic in the middle of the night, when i was stucked with my thesis -_-
Gomen for the broken grammar, english is not my second language *bow
Well..comments are always welcome!:D
Tags: aiba, arashi, fanfic
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